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Kwok's Galaxy Mod

With Space Empires V looming on the horizon, I wanted to start making my various projects for Space Empires IV available for download before it was too late - and that is how Kwok's Galaxy Mod came to be.

Space Empires IVKwok's Galaxy Mod

Kwok's Galaxy Mod is actually a component from my Space Food Empires mod. However I thought it might be a good idea to release it as a standalone mod since it has a number of interesting features not available in other mods. This includes stellar objects like Neutron Stars or Pulsars, Dwarf stars, Supergiants and Blackholes with physical footprints! Planets are also arranged in a slightly more realistic fashion and there's lots of moons. Altogether it adds 100 new and original system types and dozens of new images. Even better is that all the objects are completely randomally generated!

A few preview images from Kwok's Galaxy Mod:
A Blackhole | A Blue Supergiant | A Pulsar

The current version is a bit unpolished for regular Space Empires IV since it was designed with the Space Food Empires in mind. However, I will provide several small patches in the next few weeks as required. Overall the planet balance should be quite good. I also left in a couple of test Quadrant Types so you can check out some of the special systems.

Kwok's Galaxy ModDownload:
Download Kwok's Galaxy Mod v0.50 Complete: .zip (10.2MB) | .rar (8.4MB)

Be sure to check out the readme.txt file as it contains some suggestions on combining the Galaxy Mod with mods like the TDM pack. Also note that the mod does not require the Image Pack. Feel free to send me comments or suggestions!
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