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Despite my modest talent in the graphics area, you'll find little evidence of that here. However, at some point in the future I will reward Captain Kwok's Jubrup race with a fully fledged ship set.

Captain Kwok, A Jubrup CitizenShip Graveyard:
This feature section contains all sorts of ships and other Space Empires related graphics I've made in the last few years. Unfortunately many of the original models were lost in a fatal hard-drive crash, while many others have never been finished.

You can the visit the graveyard HERE.

Space Empires V

I haven't made any race styles for SE:V yet. I do plan to make at least one, eventually...

Space Empires IV

Juprup Enoki class WIPJuprup Planet States:
At some point I'd like to finish a race style for Captain Kwok's official race known as the Jubrup Planet States. Of course, you'll be able to play against the Juprups and conquer them too. To the left is yet another prototype that I've started but never quite finished. More images are in Gravyard above.

More Space Empires Race Styles:
Fyron of maintains the most comprehensive download section for custom race styles for both SE:IV and SE:V: Shipyards.


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